| Sun 14 Jul, 2024
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Xebec Model School is a pioneer school at Mirpur to bring about a notable change and development with the modern touch blending with the eastern and western methodology. It is an English Version school. XMS ensures quality education and teaching of morality, discipline and unity. The motto of the school is to discover the latent talent of the learners, nourish them and bloom their utmost potentiality. To achieve the goal, a good number of qualified and devoted teachers under the guardianship of a strong and committed Board of Directors are rendering the educational service. Students from different community are equally treated. XMS always discourages discrimination and its prime objective is to enlighten the society by bringing out the best in the students as they are the future leaders of Bangladesh.



Message from the Principal



Welcome to XEBEC MODEL SCHOOL and the colorful, creative, caring and joyful life! Upon arrival at our school it becomes immediately apparent that you have entered a welcoming community school. We greet all the students with our heartiest beckoning & hugging.

Our Pre-Primary and Primary school is housed within two purpose built facilities and upon entering the school you are greeted by the laughter of our youngest students who inquire and learn through play. The school welcomes Pre-Play & Play Group students, who at three years of age enjoy the opportunity to explore and play alongside other young children. Our Nursery classrooms support the learning of four year old students. The KG students are of 5 years old. All these 4 classes have 2 shifts (Morning & Day Shifts). Their classrooms are filled with activities and learning tasks that promote creativity, inquiry and the development of independence.

Parents are seen as an integral part of our school community and they are welcomed into the learning partnership that is essential for students to experience success. XEBEC MODEL SCHOOL is an inclusive school community that is committed to developing confident, skilled and successful global citizens.

I welcome you to the excitement and the challenges of 21st Century learning.

Muhammad Imam Hossain






Message from Vice Principal



Students are our trusted assets. We, the faculty members, are to act as mentors to transform them into luminous candles, photons, charged cells and never expected to decay. We should nurture them so that they can blossom into flowers and spray everlasting fragrance.

Our nursing them is to be unprejudiced, altruistic, inexorable and voluntary. The days to be cared, moments to be treasured and memories of success be golden. We believe in the facts of truism to be dreamt in reality.

May our sacred motto “Come for Education & Set out for Service” come in reality adorned in our heart and soul.

Shipra Rani Deb

Vice Principal