| Sun 14 Jul, 2024
Admission Going on- 2024

Code of Conduct for Students

  1. Always start everything in the name of the Almighty Allah.
  2. Obey and show respect to your parents, teachers and seniors.
  3. Always speak the truth, be honest, think honestly and hate offense.
  4. Be industrious and persevering. Don’t be disappointed. Always depend on Allah for your success and pray for His help.
  5. Come to School minimum 15 minutes earlier and join morning assembly, general knowledge class and turnout inspection and information class.
  6. The students will not go and loiter any where during the school hour except Tiffin period.
  7. The dirt of class room and waste of your Tiffin will be put in a preserved basket.
  8. Don’t enter into the campus with any outsiders.
  9. Enter into the class room after Tiffin period – just after the warning bell.
  10. No one is allowed to spoil the properties of the school.
  11. Any student who tends to run away or left XEBEC without permission must be punished.
  12. Prepare your regular lesson and home task and join in class.
  13. Be attentive in every class and try to understand the lesson.
  14. Make short notes on your daily study program, which is given by teachers and seek help of teachers about any query which is not clear to you.
  15. You are cautioned that you should not copy, talk and see pages of any books and written papers in the examination hall. He who intends to copy or prepare himself to copy in the examination hall will be expelled and given TC from XEBEC.
  16. Don’t make any disorder after the final bell. Switch of all fans, tubes and leave the class room silently after the break.
  17. Students will not write or draw anything on the wall and desk of the classroom.
  18. If any student fails twice in the same class he will not be allowed to stay in this institution according to the decision.
  19. Use the diary properly and submit it to your class teacher who is to check whether that is properly used.
  20. If you lose diary you will be fined TK. 100 for a new one.
  21. Obey and follow your teacher.
  22. Be attentive and responsive to the class.
  23. Don’t shout, quarrel, disturb, push, cry and keep mum.
  24. Don’t touch other’s materials.
  25. Be clean and tidy.
  26. Remove shyness; be positive, interactive and spontaneous.
  27. Bring all the Books, Exercise Book and Home Work daily and nicely.
  28. Be regular to your class.

Must be developed: Truthfulness, Responsibility, Nice Handwriting, Spoken and Presentation, Pleasing Personality, Friendliness, Morality, Cooperativeness and be thankful.