| Sun 14 Jul, 2024
Admission Going on- 2024

Xebec Model School Calendar – 2024



Meeting with the Class Teacher26 Sun 26 Tue strong>30 SatFatiha IajdahomGUARDIANS TO DO

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure your ward’s arrival at and departure from the institution timely. The gate of the institution will be closed in due time. The authority shall not be held responsible for the safety of your ward if she fails to enter the school premises in time.
  2. Co-operate with the rules and regulations of the institution for the betterment of the students. Please keep in contact with the Class Teacher/ Subject Teachers.
  3. Please pay tuition fees on time. You may pay in advance. There is no option for the remission of fines.
  4. For early leave from the institution, an application with the parent’s/ legal guardian’s signature is a must.
  5. In case of absence, an application stating the sole reason is expected to be submitted on the following day. For each unauthorized absence Tk. 50 will be fined. Student’s admission will be canceled for remaining absent from the class for 7 days consecutively.
  6. Please check your ward’s diary every day. It is very important.



  1. In summer (March to November), the Morning shift students must arrive at 8:00 a.m. and the Day Shift students at 11:00 am. Morning assembly will take place at 8:00 am and Day Assemble will take place at 11:00 am. Students must be present at the assembly. In the hot summer Assemble will take place in the classroom / indoor.
  2. Parents Meeting with the class teacher will take place on Thursday as marked Green in the calendar. The Class Teachers will check the students’ uniforms, diaries, HW, Class Performance, Moral Behaviour and Responsibility. Both Parties will exchange constructive views and opinions on many essential aspects of life and discipline with them which will be motivating to them.
  3. In winter (December to February), the Morning Shift students must arrive at 8:30 am Morning assemble will take place at 8:30 am and The Day Shift at 11:00am.
  4. It is obligatory for a student to be present in the class on the class working days For 1 or more day’s absence, students have to submit an application to the Class Teacher stating the reason of absence with parent’s/ legal guardian’s signature and Medical Certificate must be submitted.
  5. Students are bound to enter the school in proper uniform.
  6. Girls have to set their hair properly with white ribbon and black clips.
  7. Students must learn their lessons properly and do their Home Work (HW) regularly.
  8. Students are obliged to bring their diaries every day, note down their Class Work (CW) and Home Work (HW) in it and inform the guardians of their daily activities in the class.


N.B:- Religious holidays are changeable due to the sight of the moon.