| Sun 14 Jul, 2024
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Curriculum and Teaching System At A Glance:

XMS is an English Version School in National Curriculum. It priorities the ultimate development and skillful participation of the students. So the curriculum is blended with International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to ensure the participatory method, interactive teaching-learning environment and child centered education.


To make the curriculum successful XMS always tries its best to build the quality teachers. A well trained and quality teacher himself or herself is the best curriculum. For this reason we provide a continuous training project naming Teacher Teaches Teachers (3T) under the guidance of International School Dhaka (ISD).


Co-curricular Activities:

Arts & Crafts:

Music & Dance:

Debate & Recitation:

Games & Sports:

Presentation & Cultural Programs:

ICT Lab & Library:

Gardening & Patriotism:

Tidiness & Self Care:

Morality & Religion:

Spoken English & Pronunciation:



The prime Facts and Flavours of XMS is to make teaching and learning Joyful, Meaningful, Relevant, Futuristic, Holistic and Connecting to the commonsensical Real World.